About Us

Our philosophy is to deliver creative and unique works to customer.

We are creative 360 Photography Team

iFocus 360 photography Team started in 2012. The team provides high quality 360 photography solutions, virtual tours, 360 Video, virtual reality, and 360 products photography. iFocus aims to be the leader company of this field.
IFocus team can work with small, medium, and big cooperation to enhance the appearance of their marketing content in one of the latest technology in the world.

Basic Information:
 Provide HDR quality 360 photography Solutions.
 Provide Web based solutions depends on 360 representation.
 Integrate Maps with web based solutions and 360 solutions.
 We use high professional kit (hardware and software) to deliver professional output.

Key of success:
 We are dedicated teams to 360 solutions.
 True Partners.
 Focus on innovation.
 Respect of the client needs, culture, identity and objectives.
 Unique and creative solutions that meet the client’s expectations.
 Continues Search and Update the knowledge of the team, to meet the technology improvement.

We are world class team building wonderful products

iFocus Team is committed to helping its clients reach their Goals, to personalize their experiences, provide an innovative environment and to make a difference.

360 Solutions Expert
Social Media Specialist
HDR Image Processing
Public Relation